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Regatta App GPS Tracker

You still don’t know the new regatta app by GPS tracker? Discover the nautical application for mobile phones with GPS, specialized in regattas. Participate with your smartphone or tablet in the most popular regattas, or create them customized to your liking.

Regatta App Tracker by GPS GhostSailor
Regatta App Tracker by GPS GhostSailor

*Available for iPhone y iPad (iOs), smartphones and tablets (Android).

We are currently finalizing the development of GhostSailor for the 2020 season. It will soon be available.

Haven’t you tried the regatta app tracker yet?

You race whenever and wherever you want. Would you like to feel the thrill of regattas every time you go to sea? With the GhostSailor Regatta App GPS tracker you can create regattas and participate in them with your own boat. GhostSailor will automatically save the routes and times of each participation in the races, so you can compete against them (Ghosts) whenever you want. It will also allow you to organize events, editing the regatta, the time and day and the participants. Download it now!

App for mobiles iOs y Android, smartphones and tablets.

Instalar App de Regatas GhostSailor en App Store
Free Download GhostSailor in App Store
Instalar App de Regatas GhostSailor en Google Play
Free Download GhostSailor in Google Play
Regatta App Tracker by GPS for Sailboats
Regatta App Tracker by GPS for Sailboats

Create your own regatta, wherever you want.

Position the regatta on the map. Create a regatta on the map in a few screen touches. You can edit the location of the buoys, the length and type of race: private, for friends or public. Create your private regatta field, share it with your friends or create a regatta to compete with any user that is in the area.

Search for regattas, whenever you want

Regattas always waiting. You can find regattas according to your search criteria. By proximity, find regattas near you; by total distance, control the time it will take you to finish it; or by direction, take advantage of your journey to turn it into a regatta when you coincide on the course.

Participate in the race, Ready ?

Get your boat ready. Compete in real-time regattas, against real ships, in a virtual regatta field on the indicated day and time. Compete against the Ghosts of your time to improve your brands or against the Ghosts of other users to challenge them and overcome them in the ranking.

Download the GhostSailor Race App Tracker

You can download GhostSailor in the App Store (for iOS devices) or in the Play Store (for Android). The App is totally free, you just have to register to create a User, with which you will compete worldwide.

Do you know how GhostSailor works?

When you are participating in a GhostSailor regatta, the app picks up your location using your device’s GPS.

When you get through a buoy line correctly, the app recognizes it, and it will let you attack the next buoy.

Once you have completed the entire race, the time is automatically saved in the database, where you can see the ranking of that race and see who has completed it in less time.

Regatta App Tracker by GPS for Kayak and rowing
Regatta App Tracker by GPS for Kayak and rowing

Regatta App GPS Tracker for Sailboats, engine and row

3 categories: Sail, Engine y Row.

In GhostSailor you can participate in any of the 3 available categories.


If you are going to compete with a sailing boat, sailboats, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc … sign up for sailing regattas.


If you are going to compete with a motor boat like boats, yachts, jet skis, etc … sign up for motor racing.


If you are going to compete with a kayak, paddlesurf, canoe, boat, etc … rowing boat, sign up for rowing regattas.

Night Regattas Tracker

GhostSailor is developed to compete in regattas visualizing the buoys by the mobile or tablet, so participating in night regattas becomes a new experience for sailors.

To make a night regatta, it is recommended to activate the “night mode” of the App, to darken the screen of the mobile and have maximum visibility possible in the dark environment.

App permissions

It is possible that when entering the App for the first time, GhostSailor requires special permissions, such as your location, we recommend that you accept all permissions for the app to work properly.

In GhostSailor, we only collect your data for the competition, we do not use your data for marketing or advertising purposes, so in this case, we ask you to trust us.

How to participate in GhostSailor regattas

Download and create new GhostSailor User

Who is the regatta application tracker for?

GhostSailor is a new way to participate in nautical competition, without needing to be a racing professional. The price is 100% free, just create your user in 1 minute and you will be ready to participate in all public, or private, regattas created by you.

Users create regattas, locating the relevant buoys, and other users can compete in them to get the best time. GhostSailor is a nautical application, therefore you have to go to the sea to participate, since the “step by buoys” is detected only by GPS position of the smartphone, now, you are part of the game.

For sailing regattas, all kinds of wind-powered boats can participate, such as large sailboats, cruising sailboats, regattas, as well as small sailboats such as catamarans, lasers, etc … even windsurfing and kitesurfing can participate in these regattas . If you already compete in coastal or high altitude regattas, GhostSailor is the app that will help you practice, compete, improve and have fun along the way.

Surely, the best app to sail in the sea by sailboat, motor or rowing …

Participate in classic or popular regattas

In GhostSailor you can replicate the most famous regattas, such as around the world, America’s Cup of different years, Volvo Ocean, Copa del Rey, La Ruta de la Sal, etc … and participate in them. If the regatta in which you want to participate does not exist yet, you can create it yourself. Just create the regatta by placing the buoys on the map, and give “public” permissions so that all users who are nearby can participate in it, or give it “private” or “friends” permission if you want to have the regatta available to you or your circle of friends from GhostSailor.

You can also participate in popular regattas that users have already created in GhostSailor, such as the Deffy-Wind, The Salt Route, and many more.

Frequent questions

Can I participate in GhostSailor regattas in Height Regattas without internet connection?

Yes it can. First you have to enter a regatta, so that the app can download the full race field, so, in the case that there is no telephone coverage, GhostSailor app can develop the regatta without communication with the outside. GhostSailor in Regattas of Height without internet connection?

You can play the regatta in “airplane mode”, as long as the GPS connection is active.

Finally, when the device recovers coverage, the app will automatically save the times and the development of the regatta on the GhostSailor General Server.

What is a GhostSailor Regatta?

According to the SAR, a regatta is

“sports competition in which a group of boats of the same class, sailing, motor or rowing, must travel a pre-established itinerary in the shortest possible time.”


In GhostSailor, it is not necessary to compete in a pre-established schedule, being able to participate in a regatta at any time and day, as long as, said regatta does not have a start schedule defined. In this case, vessels may only cross the Departure line when the departure time has been exceeded.

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