Insert buoys on lake and rivers

Since we are in full development of the GhostSailor App, some functions are not available yet, such as being able to insert buoys in lakes and rivers.

However, we show you a small temporary hack, with which you can put buoys anywhere, even on land.

You can try this option to practice the operation of the App from the ground.

This feature will cease to exist at the launch of the new improved version of GhostSailor, in which buoys can be located in lakes and rivers.

In this animation you can see how the hack is used.

Profile > Configuration > Password

1º pass = “centauri
2º pass = “div

* 1 vez to ACTIVATE buoys in ground
* 2 veces para DESACTIVATE buoys in ground

** “Passwords must be the same” message is normal, don’t worry about that.

** Rankings and regattas with buoys on land will be eliminated upon the arrival of the new version of GS.

¡ We hope you have fun !